Honda UMK450 Bike Handle Brushcutter


Ideal for heavy duty commercial users, the UMK450 Bike Handle Brushcutter is built tough to deliver a powerful output to increase work efficiency via its unrivaled GX50 4-Stroke engine that effortlessly gets through stubborn scrub. The UMK450 will breeze through those tough jobs and get you that Honda finish, every time.

  • Bike Handle

  • Straight Shaft

  • 2HP GX50cc powered 4-stroke Engine

  • 3 tooth blade standard

  • Full operator harness included

Honda Technology & Design

The UMK450 features a full 360° "any-side-up" operation, for use and storage in any position. It has an ergonomically designed easy-grip bike handle and comes with added protection in the form of safety goggles and a quick release double shoulder operator harness that improves user comfort. The throttle system is even better with a 2-motion double trigger action to provide greater control and tough jobs are made easy with a 3-tooth metal blade head. You also have the option of fitting a heavy duty tap-and-go nylon line head – perfect for large area commercial use.

Ergonomic Bike Handle

Tailored for contractors, Honda’s UMK450 Brushcutter features an ergonomically designed easy-grip bike handle that reduces fatigue. You’ll love the ability to operate across 360°, reducing the workload on your back and shoulders. And on the ground, the UMK450 makes tough jobs easy with a 3-tooth metal blade head.

No Fuel Mixing

Honda leads the world with revolutionary mini 4-stroke engines that deliver more power and use less oil. Environmental impact is front of mind with the UMK450. This unit has lower emissions, operates at a lower decibel, and uses less fuel than other brands. The UMK450 runs on unleaded fuel, so you'll never get your hands dirty having to mix oil and petrol again just to get the thing going! And of course, the Honda engine will start first time – every time! This is due to the auto-decompression, electronic ignition, and anti-flood primer system built into the UMK450. With its 4-Stroke advantage, you’ll also get premium power and torque so it’s a win, win!

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