HHT36 Brushcutter


Ideal for the serious contractor, Honda’s HHT36 Battery Brushcutter is perfect for slashing through large areas of tough scrub with the performance that professionals need. Its battery powered brushless motor gets through the job with ease, offering sustained high power and efficiency.

  • Bike Handle

  • 93 dB(A)

  • 36v Battery power with brushless motor

  • 6.5kg (excl Battery)

  • 2 year domestic warranty

  • Skin only. Battery & Charger sold separately

Powerful Performance

By developing a new generation of high-capacity batteries and a powerful, 36-volt electric motor, Honda’s engineers ensured that the HHT36 Battery Brushcutter offers superior cutting performance just like the Honda standard! Honda’s new generation Battery Brushcutter boasts innovative battery technology and uncompromised cutting performance for the toughest applications. Get premium performance without the headache! The HHT36 Brushcutter has a low vibration level of <2.5m/s2 and is super quiet so is ideal for early starts and late finishes.

Safe and Easy Operation

Honda’s HHT36 Battery Brushcutter keeps you comfortable and safe. Featuring an included harness that can be adjusted to fit you perfectly, this provides optimum balance when supporting the Brushcutter during operation. Widely spread handlebars offer comfortable control even when you’re tackling tricky terrain and give precise changes of direction with minimal effort. A padded guard sits between your hip and the Brushcutter to ensure you feel fresh even after a long day’s work. Safety is paramount- the blade releases automatically if it jams, preventing the motor from stalling.

Heavy Duty 3-Tooth Blade

To help tackle tough undergrowth, the HHT36 Battery Brushcutter comes with a three-tooth blade head. The blade is designed to make light work of heavy-duty garden management. So when you need to slash through stubborn scrub, do it with ease using the 3 tooth blade head on your HHT36 Brushcutter.

Automatic Line Head

The line head features a ‘tap & go’ automatic feed of the nylon line, ensuring that every cut is as precise and powerful as the other. So when you’re cutting large areas of lightweight scrub, you’ll always get that perfect Honda finish using the HHT36 Battery Brushcutter.

Universal Battery System

Powered by Honda’s Universal Battery System, you can use either of the three available batteries: 4Ah, 6Ah and 9Ah across the HHH36 Hedgecutter and Honda’s entire Battery product range. Ensuring the longest possible run time without compromising power, the Thermo-Smart technology continuously monitors the voltage and thermal performance of every cell. What’s better is that when using the 9Ah battery, you can operate the HHH36 Hedgecutter in all weather conditions.

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