Introducing the 56 cm (22”) Recycler® Personal Pace® 60 Volt Battery Mower

Toro Australia is excited to launch the 56 cm (22”) Recycler® Personal Pace® 60 Volt¹ Battery Mower.

“There’s a common perception that choosing a cordless battery-powered mower means compromising on power or features,” says Brian Goodridge, Toro’s Product Marketing Manager Equipment.

“That’s not the case with the Flex-Force mower. Our priority was to design for performance, first and foremost. This is a full-featured product with the same performance as our petrol products; it just happens to be battery-powered.

“We understand that homeowners want a mower that’s easy to start, easy to use and easy to maintain. The new battery mower is designed to save time with an extra-long 56 cm blade that allows you to cut a wider path with each pass and it will take you less time to mow your backyard,” says Goodridge.

The Flex Force mower has a 324-watt battery and can mow up to 1300 square metres before the battery needs charging. The lithium-ion smart battery has intelligent software that automatically optimises run time and power for the product and the application. The battery is covered by a full warranty that is among the most comprehensive in the category.

“A real advantage of a battery-powered mower is that they are extremely easy to start, you just press a button and don’t need to worry about petrol or smelly fumes. In an urban setting, it’s also a lot quieter to run than a petrol mower, which means there’s less noise pollution too!

“The Flex Force mower comes with Toro’s SmartStow®, the handles on the recycler mower fold up and you can actually store it sitting up on its back, so it takes up a lot less space in the garage when it’s stored upright. It can actually reduce the storage footprint by up to 70 percent²,“ adds Goodridge.

With a steel deck for added durability, and built on Toro’s Recycler platform, the mower cuts nutrient-rich clippings into fine pieces and returns them to the soil to promote a healthy-looking lawn. Another feature on the battery mower is Toro’s Personal Pace® self-propel system that automatically adjusts to your walking speed, making mowing easy.

¹ Battery manufacturer rating = 60V maximum and 54V typical usage. Actual voltage varies with load.

² Space savings are in relation to the space consumed by a Toro 22″ walk power mower.


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